Invest in a Multi-Use Table

Putting a high table next to kitchen space, will serve both as a place to have meal and an island for prepping. In the morning, sip a cup of coffee or tea in this table is just perfect to start your day. Make sure it is high enough so that it can be used as place to prepare raw ingredients for cooking.

Consider the Dimmer

Dimmer lights will do wonders in creating moods in the kitchen. Turn it all up for cooking, or having a bright and cheerful gathering. Turn it down low for a more calm, candle-lit style dinner celebration.

Look above your range

Store pots and cooking utensils above your stovetop to ease yourself getting what you unit

Use Your Cabinet Doors

You can hang out your most frequently used cooking utensil on the back of a cabinet door to make it easier to reach rather than pack them in drawer.

Kitchen Triangel


An ideal kitchen flow is using the triangle method: Storage – Cleaning – Cooking. With this method, time spent in the kitchen will be much more efficient because it consists of three steps: first, grab the ingredients stored in the refrigerator or kitchen cabinet & drawer. Next, wash them in the kitchen sink. Lastly, you are ready to cook with all fresh and clean ingredients. Happy cooking!